Monday, February 27, 2012

Omnikin Ball

Today in 255 Kim, Dan, and Devon taught a really cool game for their lab c. The game, called Omnikin Ball, was a game that was created in Canada. It involves a huge inflatable ball and a few teammates. The goal is to call out an opposing team and try and hit the ball and see if it hits the ground. It is really fast paced and just in a few minutes I was working up a sweat. Looking at the picture below, you can tell there is one hitter (me) and your teammates hold the ball for you to strike. It was a really cool game.

Kim, Dan, and Devon did a really good job teaching today. Kim had some really good progressions and her posters were really good. My hat goes off to Dan today though, he really did an awesome job of grabbing everyones attention. It seems that everyone feeds off his energy and the whole class got a lift when he started teaching. He provided us with ample game time to play and everyone was running around, smiling, and sweating. Devon was solid as well. He gave us a different instant activity that included squat thrusts and also taught the class something - about 99% of class learned today that the national sport of Canada is lacrosse. It just proves that as physical educators we can incorporate history, etc. into our lessons.

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