Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Online Portfolio

Hey check out my online portfolio, it's in its beginning stages but I can tell it will be something very useful to me in the future!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My First "Prezi"

In Motor Development, my teacher came across this really cool style of presenting information. It's similar to a power point, but is more active and definitely more interesting! Its like a moving power point and you can glide around the information. My "Prezi" is about the best and worst moment in motion that has taken place in my life so far. I also talk about how these moments have shaped me as a person. Since we are all about motion as physical educators, check it out!

* To view, simply press the play arrow to move to the next bit of information!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Final Lab at St Mary's

Wednesday marked the final time our Motor Development class was working at St Mary's. Working at St Mary's has been an awesome experience and one where I have gained a lot of knowledge. It is great to go there and work with kids of all different ages. I think that is very important for someone who is aspiring to be a Physical Education major. You need to work with children of all different ages because not all children are the same - physically and mentally!

Jump Rope!

In the above picture you can see that I am playing jump rope and having a great time. This girl in the orange shirt was a young girl I met that didn't have anyone to play jump rope with her and her brother. I guided her hand to help her get the correct motion down of swinging the rope. The rope wasn't very big but she didn't care, she wanted me to jump! I will admit it was tough to get down low but when she had a big smile on her face I knew I had made her happy.

Doing the "Christmas Tree"

Towards the very end of our final time with St Mary's, my group and I formed everyone into a large circle and put on the song "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree." We had commands for different dances that included elves, christmas tree, santa, and raindeer. Everyone was smiling and having a blast.

I can't thank St Mary's enough for allowing me to gain valuable experience working with children that ranged from Pre-K to 6th grade. We assessed and helped develop their locomotor skills, created and played games, sang songs, danced, created arts and crafts, and most importantly had fun! Thank you St Mary's!