Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lab 2 Impressions

For todays class in 255 we saw a few people do their teaching for Lab 2. There was definitely a lot of improvement from the first lab. There were a lot of positives shown and I think the students did a great job of setting the tone for this lab. Some things that I liked what I saw was Devon's use of the cues. Instead of just quizzing people on the cues, he actually had the class say the cues out loud with him. Eric had really good energy and although his electronic presentation didn't go as planned, he adapted to it quickly. A positive I liked from Trisha is the way her teaching flowed. It seemed like she had a lot of confidence in her ability and it showed. I actually struggled on her skill she was teaching and she stuck with me although she only had a few minutes to teach! It was definitely a positive day.

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