Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lab C Collage

Today I created a really cool collage of my teaching experience for Lab C. I wanted to show what new skills I have acquired since I have started teaching. I know I have grown a lot as a teacher since the beginning of the semester and this collage shows that. In the pictures, you can tell I am using really specific demonstrations. In four of the pictures, I am using different instruments such as the table or the ball. All of the students have their eyes on what I am demonstrating so you can tell that I have their attention. Another thing that is new to me that my professor has really driven into us is the use of technology. In this lab, I used a powerpoint to demonstrate my cues and than showed a video by the makers of the game Hantis so the students could get a different look at what I was teaching them; rather than me just demonstrating. In the top right photo I am using two different techniques there. At the beginning of my lesson I jumped right into instant activity - the first time I had done so in all of my teaching experiences. In my opinion, instant activity is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your lesson. It gets the students involved immedietley mentally and physically. Judging by my collage, I know I have grown a lot as teacher thus far and am excited to see how much more I can grow in the remaining weeks!

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