Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Western St. Mary's

St. Mary's was a blast again! Here is what I observed

Lab 2 was a great time. There was a lot of games to be played and the theme was western! The kids all loved our outfits as we came in as cowboys, sheriffs, and even horses. We played games that worked on the locomotor skills: gallop, run, and hop.

Take a look!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lab 3 Game

Super Spiderman

Half of the gym will be set up with an equal number of hula hoops and poly spots. Spider man has to get from building to building (poly spot/hula hoop). When spider man gets from building to building he/she either has to horizontal jump to a hula hoop, or leap to a poly spot. If spiderman leaps/jumps and misses a building, than he/she has to slide all the way back to the starting point and try again.

Modification: If it is too easy, remove some of the poly spots and hula hoops.