Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Growth Of An Educator Video

Today I came across a really cool piece of technology that helps showcase my growth as a physical educator thus far. In recent posts, I've talked about how I feel I am really developing skills that are helping me become a better teacher. I've recently incorporated many new strategies and methods into my teaching that I have yet to do. I incorporated technology, instant activity, better demonstrations and developing an overall comfortable sense of teaching. I feel a noticeable comfort when teaching now and am really working on having a strong presence. In an earlier post I talked about how my Professor has a really strong presence. When he talks - people listen. I feel that I am more aware of my classroom and am able to pin point areas that people need help in and I help them. I also feel my use of demonstration is one of my strong points because I like to be loud and clear and give multiple examples. The video below is meant to show my growth of an educator thus far. It's my first time ever making a video and I hope you like it!

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