Friday, February 17, 2012

Neubig Dining

Today I want to harp on something that has an effect on every single person - our diet. Being a college student, many feel it is really hard to avoid putting on weight and staying in good shape. Since I have been at Cortland, I am still as fit as I was before I came here. A lot of this boils down to my diet. With my mother being a nutritionist, it has rubbed off on me - and I'm glad it has! I love to eat healthy and keep my body feeling great and healthy. Nutrition is a passion of mine and the reason for this post is to tell you that you can eat healthy on the college campus, not to give you a diet plan.

Its a misconception to say that Neubig has "nothing good." In fact, its really the only place on campus where you can get real food. Corey Union has Subway and Dragon Grill, and although they are tasty, the "salad" you get on your 12" sub doesn't justifying that meal as healthy. For example, I was at Neubig tonight and I had fish, rice, broccoli, shrimp, and a salad. There are lots of sugary drinks, donuts, pizza, cookies, etc. everywhere, but there is also fruit, vegetables, and good sources of protein everywhere. I'm not here to make a diet plan, but this post is to give awareness that we can eat healthy on the college campus. As physical educators, we need to know whats healthy for our body and whats not. It's our job to be smart about nutrition as it really does go hand in hand with physical education. Healthy diet, healthy body, healthy mind!

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