Friday, February 24, 2012

Lab C

On Wednesday the time came for Lab C - a fifteen minute teaching experience in which we taught a game that wasn't very common. The game I taught was Hantis. A game that involves four tables, four players, and one ball. Click on the Hantis link to learn more!

I wasn't very nervous when teaching this lab but my confidence was a little shaky due to the fact that I have had no prior experience playing this game. Its a weird experience  teaching a game that you have never played before. Nevertheless it was a growing experience because when you teach you have to step outside of your comfort zone and do things you might not want to do or do things that you aren't necessarily 100% confident doing. It would be pretty boring and unfair to your students if you only taught baseball, basketball, and soccer to your students because thats what you were confident teaching. Those are games we are trying to get away from in the physical education classroom because they aren't lifetime activities.

After watching and assessing my video for Lab C I can say that I was happy with my teaching experience. I feel that I am growing stronger as a teacher with every lab that we have done so far. My positives of my teaching was that I used technology, had music, used progressions, and actually wound up getting some game time in. I was really surprised at how quickly the 15 minutes flew by. I actually ran out of time and wasn't able to wrap up my lesson in the fifteen minutes! I wish I had more time to do actual game play at the end. One thing I still need to work on is keeping my eyesight on the students at all times. I saw in my video a few times that I had my back on some of my students and thats when bad things happen. Overall I am very happy with my progress thus far in 255 and I know I can improve even more in the next lab. Check out the links below to see my video, transcript, time coding sheet, and a review of my teaching by one of the TA's!

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