Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lab B

The time for me to teach for Lab B finally came yesterday. I wasn't very nervous and felt pretty confident in myself. The task that I had to teach was the "single side swing and jump." I even made two cool posters to go along with it; with one of them being the rules for that day.

This lab was meant to go on a little longer than the first one, we had about 5 to 7 minutes to teach our skill. After viewing the video of my presentation, I felt good, but once again realize I have more potential. During my video, my Professor told two of our students to horse around, and with my back turned to them I didn't even realize it! My professor also told two other students to sneak out while I was teaching and I didn't see that either. My face got a little red from embarrassment when they walked back in. I felt I had a lot of positives to my teaching but one thing I know I have to work on is scanning the room better. I definitely need to be aware of everything that is going on around me. Some things I really liked about my teaching was my use of demonstrations, I felt the students were never really confused with what activity we were doing. I also felt my voice was strong and clear and I could be heard at all times. I used a hook that people can relate to and brought it back in at the end of the lesson.

Another thing I would like to work on for next time is more activity time. My professor had a great idea. Instead of just standing there swinging the rope, I could have played music for a minute and had everyone swing the rope to the beat, that way it would engage their mind and have them moving as well. Music is a very positive thing in a lesson plan. I never really had students sitting around waiting as I felt my lesson was always flowing but I want to implement more activity in my next lesson.

Overall I am happy with my lesson but realize there is still room for improvement. Next lesson I really want to improve on my attention/scanning abilities and implement more activity time into my lesson. Below you can watch the video to my lesson. You can also view my transcript and time coding sheet. My transcript is what I said throughout the entire lesson and the time coding is what the students were doing every 10 seconds throughout the lesson.

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