Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ultimate "Pool" Frisbee

For my Lab D, I decided on going with an original game, but a different location with a new twist on it. I am in the pool for this lab and I wanted to choose a game that was going to be new and different. I decided on doing Ultimate Frisbee in the pool. It might sound like a safe pick, but I feel it is actually more of a risk. You can barely find any information on how Ultimate Frisbee works in the pool so I don't know how it is going to turn out. I am going to use soft foam frisbees and instead of players using their hands on defense, every player is going to have a pool noodle and will only be able to use that on defense. The players will have to carry their noodle with them at all times.


I am a little nervous on how it is going to turn out in the pool but I think it will be a positive experience and something new. I just want to try something new and I am also going to be using Swinxs, a really cool device that I will use for my instant activity. Lab D is my chance to show everything I have learned thus far in 255 and I am ready to prove that.

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