Thursday, April 12, 2012

Green Representative

This semester, I became aware of a position called a SUNY Cortland Green Representative. I found out about this job when I came into my building one day, and there was a girl sitting down with a sign about sustainability and recycling among other things. I asked what this was about and we got talking about how she was a Green Rep. I became interested and I am now applying for a position next semester. The purpose of a Green Rep is to encourage and practice environmentally responsible living within the residence halls on campus. The goal is educate as many people as possible so that it may result in positive changes that will ultimately contribute to a more eco-friendly and sustainable campus.

I would be really excited to get this position on campus. I am really into the environment and would love to show my interest through this program. We live in a country where we could do better with how we treat the environment; wether it be through recycling or other matters. If I was a Green Rep I know I could definitely make some positive changes around campus.

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