Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lab D First Day

Today was the first day of teaching for Lab D and it started with a bang. Trish kicked off the teaching with an awesome lesson on yoga. She looked professional, had awesome visual aids, and a great lesson. You can tell how much people have grown since the start of the year and she has definitely improved considerably. I actually enjoyed being in her class today and it really felt like she was the actual teacher. Well done for her.

We started the lesson with a background lesson on yoga and than moved into stations. She had every student pair up with another student and move around to each station, staying for about 2 minutes. After each student went to each station, we moved into an actual yoga session. She dimmed the lights, and we all set up mats and followed a 10 minute video that she actually made herself. It definitely looked like she practiced this repeatedly because in the video she looked like she could pull off being a yoga instructor.

Trish definitely raised the bar for Lab D but I think that winds up being a good thing for everyone. That way, everyone has to do their very best and step outside of the box.

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