Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kim's Lesson

Last week, Kim taught an awesome lesson for Lab D. Her lesson had her step outside of her boundaries by moving out of the class; even outside the school. First she had us go to stations that made us use our brain, heart, and lungs. After her instant activity, she had us move to another gym where there was two sets of rope chain. She split the class into two groups and we were told that we were going to be doing a scavenger hunt around Park Center. So the groups made our way to the first clue.

{A look at the rope chains}

After both groups reached the first clue to get a handle of how we would discover the clues, the scavenger hunt began. Being into adventure and the outdoors, I thought this was a really cool teaching experience. It was cool to see the use of technology in the lessons as well. People used their smart phones to scan the card of the clue that helped us lead to the next clue. It was a beautiful morning so it was perfect to be outside as well.

{Looking for the next clue}

Kim did a really great job with her lesson and everyone had fun. Something cool that I learned was that she made everyone wear name tags with strange names on them. At the end she told us they were all ingredients in cigarettes. Not only did she get us outside but she also informed us a lot on the dangers of smoking cigarettes. You could tell Kim put a lot of preparation into her lesson and it payed off.

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