Monday, January 30, 2012

Other Interesting Courses

So far this semester is going good and I really like the classes I am involved in. There are two classes in particular lately that I have good feelings about. The first is Stats and Assessment. In this class we learn statistical concepts, assessment techniques, and other evaluation methods to prepare future educators, coaches, researchers, and physical activity specialists to evaluate physical education and other exercise programs. I like this class because it is something I have yet to take in my college career and it is something that is going to be very useful. You can never limit yourself to just one aspect of teaching and stats and assessment is a critical component if you want to teach effectively; wether that be in a classroom or in an exercise facility.

Another cool class I'm taking is a coaching clinic for soccer. This class helps me learn more than just knowing the rules of the game. It is designed to help the student establish a coaching philosophy, history of the game, coaching strategies, playing styles, conditioning, motivation, and a lot more. Soccer has long been one of my favorite sports and I want to build on what I already know so that one day I can be an effective coach. Coaching is definitely one of my desires and is something I want to be involved in for my future.

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