Saturday, January 21, 2012

Valuable Learning

For my second class for 255, I had a sweat going at 9 in the morning so you know that we weren't wasting time. It was a valuable class, as I feel all of them are going to be this semester. With only a space (the gym) and frisbees, we were able to do a multitude of activities that not only got our heart rates up, but made us sweat, move, and think.

We first matched up with partners and worked on practicing different ways of throwing the frisbee. Than we practiced throwing the frisbee by moving in different directions and than finally adding a defender. We than quickly partnered up and playing a rhythm game they made us all think quick! Now that everyone was warmed up, our professor surprised us with a yoga session which is when people started sweating.  Music was playing the entire time and I think its very good to have music playing during activities. It naturally brightens the mood and makes me feel alive and more energetic. People can relate to the beats of songs and it can energize them. As a closer we went around in a circle and worked on saying everyones name by saying the names of the people before you and the activity they taught last class. It got hard for some people as they had to say about 25 peoples names and the activities they taught two days prior.

The reason why this class was effective in learning physical education techniques was because with a simple space, we were able to achieve effective results. We got people moving, heart rates up, made people sweat, think, and smile. Our professor drove home an important message: never complain about having a lack of equipment. That is so true. You don't need equipment to get people moving. That is vital for physical education. Everyone deserves to have effective physical activity.

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