Monday, January 23, 2012

Class Number 3

I think a really important idea when teaching a class is that when the class starts - you begin activity as quickly as possible. For my 255 class, Professor Yang wastes no time in getting us involved in activity. He doesn't leave us confused by not giving us enough information, but instead he provides the right amount of information to keep our attention and than sends us into activity . Within no more than 5 minutes of the class starting, our heart rates were already jumping and I could feel myself start to sweat.

On the first day of my 255 class, Professor Yang surprised us by having us jump into teaching right away. Here is the video of how I did. Assessing myself I felt I did pretty good; but obviously there is always room for improvement. When Professor Yang teaches, he uses lots of cues and examples but as I mentioned before, I believe his strong point is how well he keeps the students attention with the efficiency in which he gives instruction and the energy in which he presents it. I realize that is something I need to work on. Efficiency allows students to not lose focus and energy is vital because your energy rubs off on your students.

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