Thursday, March 29, 2012

Raquette Lake

Today I actually dropped a course that had me going to Raquette Lake in the Adirondacks for two weeks in August. Instead, I am going to the split session which should free up my summer schedule more and give me a winter experience as well. The split session has us go for about 5 days at the very end of August and than we go for a week in January. It should be really cool to go in winter time as that is my favorite time of the year to be in the mountains. There is more solitude and more of a risk reward factor. The mountains look gorgeous when they are snow capped and you are working through a forest and the trees are covered with snow. I like that Cortland offers a split session because it gives people a chance to experience this. A lot of people head indoors when winter hits but this will give them an opportunity to see the mountains and lakes in winter and also to learn important winter skills as well.

{Adirondack High Peaks in Winter - Taken from Giant Mountain}

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