Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Superhero Lab 3!

Saint Mary's was a blast once again! For this lab, we had the gym group which was an awesome experience. Right from the start the kids were all very excited and had lots of energy. That makes the day a whole lot better when people are excited to get up and get active. Since our theme was Super Heroes I wore a Batman t-shirt which the kids loved. The skills we were working on with them were leap, horizontal jumping, and slide.

Since the theme was Super Heroes, I set up poly spots and stars all over the ground on one side of the gym. I explained to the kids that they were Super Spiderman and that they had to save the princess on the other side of gym. To do so, they had to go from building to building (spots and stars) to save her. The first time I made them only leap. The next time through they only horizontal jumped. Than I presented a challenge to them, they could only leap to a poly spot, and only horizontal jump to a star. If they missed, they had to slide all the way back. The kids and everyone had a blast with it!

After playing with the kids in the gym, we went downstairs to the cafeteria and had an arts and crafts session and did some coloring. It was an awesome day at St. Mary's once again!

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