Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Happy Halloween at St Mary's

Check out what I observed at St Mary's for Halloween!

This was an awesome Halloween at St Mary's. After one group led a fun game in the gym, we took the kids out to the playground because it was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon. We were all dressed up in different outfits and I was a cowboy. Out on the playground, we started a really fun game. All the kids were told to go looking for a pair of handcuffs by the sheriff, and the kids ran around the playground going from person to person searching for the handcuffs. At one point they were chasing me because they thought I had the handcuffs! The finally captured me in the tunnel and it was really fun.

After that I spent some time reading with the children and than we went back inside for a game that I led than a closing activity. The game was similar to hot potato, when the music stopped whoever had a spider had to dance in the middle for a turn. So far St Mary's had been a great time and it is really valuable to work with the kids. 

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