Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dodgeball in Phys Ed: yes or no?

After much consideration on a highly debatable topic, I have decided that I will say that yes, dodgeball should be allowed in a physical education setting. Here is my reasoning, when people think dodgeball they think of people running up to the midline, grabbing hard rubber balls and hurdling them at their opponents. Here is the reality. Today there are various forms of the game and there are now balls that can be thrown at an opponent without it hurting. There are balls called "gator skin" that are very soft and squishy. Now the question arises, can't someone still get hit in the face? True, can't a goalie get hit in the face in soccer? Can't someone get accidently hit in self defense? Can't someone get accidently elbowed in basketball? My point is this, I would NOT spend a whole unit on teaching dodgeball or a form of it. But I do believe that it could be involved in a physical education setting. I would agree I wouldn't teach it for a unit but to totally exclude it? I think that would be taking it too far. Dodgeball is a sport and as physical educators we teach kids in sport. I understand there is no real progression for it (as to why I said I wouldn't teach it as a unit) but there are some awesome forms of dodgeball that I have played in physical education settings which classes have loved!

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